Game Designer: Job Profile

Game designers are the center of creativity at the heart of creating the new game

As a game designer in a game development outsourcing company, you can create ideas, prototype, create interactive narratives and improve game mechanics. Design systems that are easy to maintain, expand, and comfortable to use, making the user experience fun.

Games come in a variety of formats and platforms, including mobile, virtual and augmented reality, consoles, and PCs, and you must use a variety of technical and creative skills to visualize, test and develop your ideas.

Game designers work as part of a multidisciplinary team that includes game developers, programmers, game artists, animators, and quality assurance testers.

While a game designer is usually a clearly defined job, in smaller companies you may be involved in art or programming elements. The sub-areas of game design include level designer, content designer and interface designer.


You can work as a game designer on a self-designed or pre-approved idea, such as a game based on a movie. Whatever your role, you will need:


Salaries for entry positions as a junior / trainee typically range from £ 17,000 to £ 18,000. The salary for quality assurance (QA) tester roles, another common way to design games, is between £ 18,000 and £ 22,000.
Level planners can expect revenues of around £ 20-35,000.

The average salary for a game designer is £ 30,000, although you can earn up to £ 45,000. As a leading game designer, you can earn up to £ 65,000.

Salaries vary based on a number of factors, such as your skills and experience, the size of the company you work for, the type of game you work for, and the position.

The benefits, especially for larger companies, can be very generous. These can include transfer packages, access to arcades, fitness / gym membership, private healthcare, and in-store discounts.

Revenue data is for informational purposes only.

Working hours

He usually works 30 to 40 hours per week. Flexible working hours are available. You may need to work on weekends and evenings as deadlines approach.

Most game designers work full-time, a small portion are self-employed or part-time.


While a degree in game design is not required, most game designers have degrees. Game-specific ranks are particularly useful

The Association of Indie Game Developers (TIGA) accredits a number of undergraduate and graduate level gaming courses.

Subjects with a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, and engineering are also helpful. It is also possible to enter the industry with a degree in social sciences or arts and humanities. In particular, employers expect relevant experience and knowledge of toys.

Entry into game design is usually done through a junior / trainee game design position or after being promoted from a quality assurance (QA) testing role. Quality assurance positions include application and game testing to find and report problems on different hardware platforms. They provide good experience in running the company and making the game.

It is important to create an online portfolio of your projects and all the work you do to showcase your game design skills and experience.

Also, you need to be up to date with current gaming trends across all platforms. Read more: 3d game character assets

TOP 5 Most Common Investment Myths Debunked

Common Investing Misconceptions 

Not a secret that there are a lot of investor myths. It happens due to the reluctance of people to understand the topic, so they believe it’s true. But are they right? Let’s figure it out. We decided to tell you about the most common misconceptions about investing and prove that these are just myths.

A bro doesn’t need a pro

Almost every new investor thinks that they’ll cope with the investment himself and he doesn’t need any advice, in case of doubt he’s able to use the Internet. In fact, you’ll need the help of a portfolio manager or financial advisor, as any long-term investment requires well-considered decisions, and if you aren’t a pro, then you may need a bro. 

‘The right’ investing age

Do you know what the right investing age is? No? We neither.

Some people say, ‘I’m too old for putting money’ or ‘I’m too young for putting money’. We hope you aren’t one of them, as it isn’t true. Age may only affect your investment goals, strategy or risk profile. If you’re young, you have the opportunity to profit from compound interest, and your main resource is time (we’ll talk about it later). With it, you have more chances to recover from potential losses and more opportunities to get investment education in order to avoid them (losses obviously). If you consider yourself as the old one, then you’re able to invest, for example, in order to get a higher profit than the amount that the savings account offers you. Remember that at any age you shouldn’t put all your money to the last penny, as this may cause financial difficulties.

No time to invest 

It’s believed that investing is a big deal. Well, it’s true, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll take a lot of time. It’s helpful to take the time to do a little market research before your first investment. And then your time will depend only on the goal and strategy. 

Often we justify our passivity to something by the fact that we have little time. But in reality, you simply don’t have the desire or motivation to do it. You’re on this site and reading this article – congratulations, everything is ok with your motivation. As you know, doing simple things is much easier than hard ones. So investing is easy.

You can try to use the Orca app with its convenient features such as:

Stocks only

Stocks are the most popular thing to put money in, but there are other types of investment products. For example, exchange traded funds, or ETFs. They’re suitable for different investors, including beginners. ETFs are similar to mutual funds, but listed on an exchange and have the trading behaviour of stocks. And so diversification enters the chat to help manage risk. In addition, you can put your money in bonds, mutual funds, as well as physical objects such as real estate, cars or even collectible card games. It’s not only about stocks.

It is a kind of gambling story 

There is no guarantee in investing, so some people think of it as gambling, but it isn’t. Of course, success in investing depends on many factors and risks, so don’t forget about them at the moment when you make a calculated decision to become an investor. Nobody knows where this will lead you. Analytics, facts, economics and market behaviour – this is the basis of investments, in contrast to gambling.

We have disproved 5 myths about investment, but, unfortunately, there are many more. Don’t let them get in the way of your financial goals. Learn to separate facts from fiction to be successful. You need to understand one thing – investing is not scary or difficult. There is always someone who can help you and give efficient advice. To prevent risk, read daily news straight from the stock markets (for example, in the Orca app). Anyone can be an investor regardless of age or lack of special knowledge.

As with all investing, you may get back less than you put in. Your capital is at risk. Be sure to conduct research on stocks that you want to invest in. If you are unsure of this you should seek advice from a professional advisor. Orca does not provide investment advice.

Orca is an appointed representative of RiskSave Technologies Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 775330).

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a special kind of database in which data can only be entered, not deleted or changed. Transactions within so-called blocks (consisting of transaction information and other metadata) are periodically added to the blockchain.

Such a structure is called a chain, because the metadata of each block includes some of the information from the previous one and links the blocks together. In particular, it includes the hash of the previous block, which acts as a unique digital fingerprint.

The chances that two pieces of data will give you the same hash function result is incredibly small. That is, if someone tries to change the old block, its hash will also change, which means that the hash of the next block will also be different, and so on. Therefore, it is very easy to understand whether a block has been changed, because all the blocks following it will also be changed.


It is important to note the need to fully download the blockchain to the participant’s drive. Remember when we said that anyone can validate (verify) transactions and signatures using public key cryptography? When a node receives a block, it performs a series of checks; if something is invalid, the block is rejected.

When a node receives a valid block, it copies it and distributes this block to other nodes. They, in turn, do the same until the block spreads across the entire network. The same process is performed for unconfirmed transactions, that is, those that have been announced but have not yet been added to the blockchain. In particular, this is how BTC (bitcoin) works:

What furniture to buy if you have pets?

Pet owners often think about how to protect upholstered furniture from them. You can think of a large number of ways that over a period of time may seem effective.

This is especially important for interior designs that include leather furniture, restored wooden windows (like those and other costly things.

You can clean the furniture with a special brush or put a plank in the corner of the room. However, these methods do not always work, because sooner or later curiosity will seize the animals, and it will decide to “conquer” the sofa and the rest of the upholstered furniture.

Which furniture to choose?

When choosing soft furniture sets, pet owners need to pay attention to the material of the upholstery.

Faux suede has a high level of strength, and therefore it is difficult to damage it when exposed to sharp objects. Also, the upholstery made of satin and jacquard will not be of interest to the pet. These fabrics are distinguished by a dense weave of fibers, and therefore the animal cannot pry them with its claws, using a sofa or chair as a sharpener.

The main distinguishing feature of the Teflon coating is its extreme smoothness. It is impossible to hook it with sharp objects and spoil the appearance of the product. At the same time, the Teflon upholstery is soft, and therefore it will be comfortable to sit on such a sofa after a hard day’s work and relax.

Scotchguard material, which is one of the types of jacquard, deserves special attention. Its surface is quite soft and warm, but it successfully repels substances such as moisture, dust and even grease. For these reasons, the owners of upholstered furniture, the upholstery of which is made of scotchguard, do not need to seek professional help in order to clean the product from dirt. This saves time and budget.

Leather substitute furniture and animals

Recently, soft headsets upholstered with artificial leather have become especially popular. They look solid and can emphasize the status of their owner in society, but they cannot be called practical.

When choosing leatherette furniture, you should give preference to an innovative material – arpatek, which has similar characteristics to natural leather and can withstand strong mechanical stress and moisture. It is easy to care for and retains its characteristics even after a long service life.

The richest animals in the world

We live boringly… whereas in the USA a dog can become a mayor, and in Norway – a general. It looks all funny and banned, but I never shared such jokes, mockery of society and animals. Probably, people do not cope with their duties, since animals more and more often “try on” human professions and do quite well with work that is unusual for animals. This post compiled a selection of unique animals in “human positions”.

Penguin General

On 22 August, a king penguin from Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland, became Brigadier General of the Royal Guard of Norway. The title was awarded to the bird at a ceremony in Edinburgh. The penguin’s name is Nils Olaf. The ceremony was attended by over 50 Norwegian Guardsmen who arrived for the Royal Edinburgh Military Band Parade. The guardsmen saluted Niels Olaf, and he strictly examined the formation. The bird even has its own epaulette. Prior to his promotion, Nils Olaf was an honorary colonel of the guard and its mascot. In addition, in 2008 he was knighted. By the way, this is not the first penguin in the service. The first Niels Ulaf died in 1987 after becoming a sergeant in the guard. Soon a second Nils Olaf was elected, and then he was replaced by a third. Moreover, each subsequent penguin began service in the same rank that his predecessor had at the time of death. This is what allowed the current Niels Olaf to rise to the rank of brigadier general and become the highest-ranking bird in the world.

Dog mayor

Residents of Cormoranta (Minnesota), with a population of about 1000 residents, elected a dog named Duke for the third time as mayor of the city. The second term of the dog, the Pyrenean Mountain breed, was coming to an end. Therefore, the townspeople re-elected him again. According to the owner of the dog, the Duke won the elections for the first time in 2014. It happened quite by accident. Then 12 people voted for him.

Killer whale actor

Perhaps it is animal actors that are the most familiar of the unusual professions in animals. How many of them appear in commercials and feature films, some are invited many times and they become truly top artists. For example, during his 26 years of life, a male killer whale named Keiko starred in several major films, the most famous of which were three films from the Free Willy series. At the end of a rather long acting career, the animal was returned to the native waters of Iceland, after which Keiko settled near the coast of Norway and lived there under the supervision of local scientists. Alas, the killer whale was never able to adapt to the wild and died a year later.

Octopus diviner

During the European Football Championship in 2008, the amazing octopus Paul began to predict the results of the matches of the German national team. The accuracy of his predictions at that time was 80%. The mollusk unmistakably determined the outcome of four of the five meetings of the German national team. But at the World Cup, held in South Africa in 2010, Paul has already accurately predicted the outcome of all matches of the German team. There are other known cases when our smaller brothers were engaged in predictive, giving forecasts of certain sporting events, but this was one of the most striking.

Painted ambassador

In 2008, the Japanese government introduced a new government post – a Tourism Goodwill Ambassador. And they decided to appoint a famous painted cat named Halloween Kitty. Hello Kitty’s main activities are concentrated in China and Hong Kong. On her behalf, a Chinese-language travel blog is being run on the Internet. This character differs from the general list of this rating, but the case is very interesting, so I decided to add for a change.

Monkey artist

The most famous animal artist is the Congo chimpanzee. The cost of paintings by this master varies from 900 to 8500 thousand dollars. The creativity of the Congo was discovered by the British zoologist Desmond Morris and immediately offered the chimpanzee a pencil and a piece of paper. Soon, the monkey learned to draw circles, and after a couple of years he was already masterfully wielding a brush. Among the admirers of the Congo were such masters as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.

Dog astronaut

Not only in the twenty-first century, people are trying to attach animals to different professions. Of course, one cannot but recall such a heroine of space exploration as the dog Laika. Having passed the way from a stray dog ​​to an astronaut, Laika became one of the first living beings to orbit the Earth. Its return was not provided for by the design of the spacecraft, so the dog died from overheating during the flight 5-7 hours after the launch. True, it was assumed that she would live in orbit for at least a week. Neither her name, nor her feat, nor her sacrifice will ever be forgotten by science.

Guard crows

I learned about these ravens from the Posner program, who, due to the first channel, traveled around Europe and told, showed and shared. The population of six ravens has been living within the walls of the Tower of London for quite a long time and has great symbolic significance for the whole of England. Back in the days of King Charles II (17th century), it was believed that the Tower itself and the entire British monarchy would collapse without ravens. Since then, the birds have held the honorary title of guardians of the famous fortress and even receive a salary of 100 pounds a month. In addition, each individual has its own name. So, at the moment, Branwen, Baldrick, Gwillum, Munin, Thor and Hugin are valiantly serving within the walls of the Tower. All names are taken from Scandinavian mythology.

As you can see, those pets and wild animals are doing pretty well. I doubt they read any business ebooks to get there… however, they are probably much happier then their human colleagues are.

Vaping and dogs: make sure your pets are safe

If you have animals in your home, you are undoubtedly worried about how your vaping affects them. Pets are curious creatures. As soon as you look away, they are already going to study your reserves of fluids. Sometimes in the media there are reports that accidentally drunk liquid for electronic cigarettes led to the death of a puppy or kitten. And now anxiety arises in my head, but how does vaping affect our smaller brothers?

Liquids are the main danger

In the issue of the relationship between pets and vaping, liquid for electronic cigarettes plays a key role, because it contains poisonous nicotine, the strength of which is determined primarily by the mass of the person on whom it turns out. Therefore, the smaller the animal, the lower the dose is needed to poison it.

Take dogs for example. The toxic dose for them is 9.2 mg / kg, so 156 mg of nicotine (52 ml of liquid with a concentration of 3 mg / ml) is dangerous for an average collie weighing 17 kg. For small dogs weighing about 3 kg, 27.6 mg will be quite dangerous, which translated into the same liquid will be 9.2 ml. From these simple calculations, it is clear that a standard bottle can lead to serious consequences for our smaller brothers if the animal consumes this liquid.

In most cases, only nicotine should be feared, because food flavorings are safe to swallow, and propylene glycol and glycerin are included in some feeds. So if you are only vaping nicotine-free liquid, then there is no reason for much concern.

Most important tip: Store liquids out of the reach of your pets. If you regularly refuel your tank, do not be lazy to tighten the bottle cap well. Cats are usually not very interested in liquid, but dogs are attracted to new smells. In addition, dogs are larger and harder to manage. In general, keeping liquids out of sight, such as in a box, will increase their shelf life.

Passive smoking

So, the most important threat is easily eliminated. A little prudence is enough and everything will be fine. But what about the other risks? For example, steam. Can he harm pets? How will vaping, even if it is passive, affect your cat or dog? Everything is somewhat more complicated here.

It is almost impossible to avoid reports that e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, but it is not the substance itself that is important, but its quantity, which is a fundamental principle of toxicology. When people get scared and frighten others with substances in a pair, they pronounce scary names, but they hardly talk about their quantity, about how much of this substance somehow significantly affects health. They don’t even compare the vapor of e-cigarettes to the smoke of conventional cigarettes.

Unsurprisingly, most studies do not identify any contamination in the room where the e-cigarette was used. We have already written about how Californian scientists accidentally confirmed the safety of passive vaping.

So secondhand e-cigarette smoking is unlikely to cause more harm to your pets than regular air, but be still prudent and do not blow puffs of steam into your pets’ noses.

Cats and propylene glycol

Although PG is a fairly popular ingredient in dog food, cats have recently shown remarkable sensitivity to this substance. Moreover, it causes them to have Heinz anemia. This is a condition in which the hemoglobin in red blood cells changes its structure, which negatively affects the ability of blood cells to carry oxygen.

In a study by doctors from the University of Minnesota, cats were fed food with different propylene glycol contents of 1.6 g and 8 g per kg of animal body. In both cases, the development of Heinz’s bodies was observed. In the first case, they were 28%, and in the second, 92%. In addition, there have been other studies that have found that current cat food does not contain propylene glycol.

In general, there is no need to worry too much: the dose of risk is considered to be 1.6 g per kg of body weight of the animal. That is, if your cat weighs 5 kg, then to approach this figure you will need to evaporate more than 15 ml of liquid 50/50 on it at a time.

However, for pure prudence, do not let steam go into your cat’s face or near food and water.

Safety checklist

If you use e-cigarettes, it is worth worrying about their safety for your pets, dogs, cats, etc, present at your vaping space.

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