What furniture to buy if you have pets?

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Published 2021-12-01
What furniture to buy if you have pets?

Pet owners often think about how to protect upholstered furniture from them. You can think of a large number of ways that over a period of time may seem effective.

This is especially important for interior designs that include leather furniture, restored wooden windows (like those https://chameleon-decorators.co.uk/paint-calculator/) and other costly things.

You can clean the furniture with a special brush or put a plank in the corner of the room. However, these methods do not always work, because sooner or later curiosity will seize the animals, and it will decide to "conquer" the sofa and the rest of the upholstered furniture.

Which furniture to choose?

When choosing soft furniture sets, pet owners need to pay attention to the material of the upholstery.

Faux suede has a high level of strength, and therefore it is difficult to damage it when exposed to sharp objects. Also, the upholstery made of satin and jacquard will not be of interest to the pet. These fabrics are distinguished by a dense weave of fibers, and therefore the animal cannot pry them with its claws, using a sofa or chair as a sharpener.

The main distinguishing feature of the Teflon coating is its extreme smoothness. It is impossible to hook it with sharp objects and spoil the appearance of the product. At the same time, the Teflon upholstery is soft, and therefore it will be comfortable to sit on such a sofa after a hard day's work and relax.

Scotchguard material, which is one of the types of jacquard, deserves special attention. Its surface is quite soft and warm, but it successfully repels substances such as moisture, dust and even grease. For these reasons, the owners of upholstered furniture, the upholstery of which is made of scotchguard, do not need to seek professional help in order to clean the product from dirt. This saves time and budget.

Leather substitute furniture and animals

Recently, soft headsets upholstered with artificial leather have become especially popular. They look solid and can emphasize the status of their owner in society, but they cannot be called practical.

When choosing leatherette furniture, you should give preference to an innovative material - arpatek, which has similar characteristics to natural leather and can withstand strong mechanical stress and moisture. It is easy to care for and retains its characteristics even after a long service life.